Monday, February 7, 2011

...a SUPER-prise...

Phoebe (my adorable niece) loves SUPER-prises. I love that she calls surprises by such a clever and original name! Especially how her little voice squeals with delight when she says, "Aunt Vie have a SUPER-prise for me? Thank you!"

Blake and I got a superprise today! We had our 12 week sonogram. Everything looks wonderful! Baby A and Baby B are very active and so healthy. All the key parts in the right places and perfect growth. It was a magical experience seeing and hearing (for the first time!) their strong heartbeats. Oh, and their detailed profiles. And long, outstretched legs. My heart is still melting. I knew it would be a big moment if for no other reason than because I graduated from the dildo cam to the sonogram (on the stomach).

But, it was so much more...

I started sobbing - heaving - almost immediately. And I love that my immediate response to crying so hard and laughing hysterically in tandem is to tell whoever is witnessing that it is because of IVF and how thankful I am to be living this dream...blah...blah...blah! Even the sonographer started crying! Hey, I have said it before: I am nothing if not a tid bit dramatic. And, it is a damn good story. One that I am so proud of - even more so because it is just the beginning of what is babies.

Baby B was lounging, legs crossed and arms outstretched. He or She gave us a lot of great pictures, but no jackpot shots. (One day I will probably regret calling my child's privates a "jackpot".)

B.U.T. Baby A was more than willing to cooperate...

Sonographer: Do you two plan to find out gender?

Me: (Screeching) YES!!!

Sonographer: Well, I can only tell you with 85-90% certainly (because that is all they allow me to say!), but it is clearly visible to me that Baby A is a...

B & Me: (interrupting in unison) A BOY, right???

Sonographer: (laughing) A GIRL.

Me: (hysterically sobbing and laughing) (and with all my beautiful girl names swirling around in my head like fairytales)

B: (silent for maybe the first time in his life and pale faced) (but with a huge smile!)

WOW! When it comes to baby making, clearly I stand corrected on all fronts! I would have bet anything that we were having two boys. I am still shocked!!! And, so incredibly happy! We have to wait three more weeks for the anatomy scan for the 100% confirmation of Baby A and for the determination of Baby B. I don't know how I am going to make it!!!


  1. FINALLY I have someone I can buy cutesy baby girl stuff for!!!!! I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to find out if she has a twin brother or sister!

  2. So exciting Valentina! I don't know how you are possibly going to make it these next three weeks wondering if little sister will have a sissy or a brother:)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I dreamed about it all night and am obsessing over it. This is going to be the longest three weeks of my life!!!

  4. YEAH!! Girls are so fun! You will be the Best girl momma!

  5. How exciting - glad to hear it's all going so well. You look great and so does the Venetian mirror...!

  6. Thanks, Lauren!

    Oh, Antonio - of course you would notice my beloved mirror!!! baci!